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Sonakshi is a 38 year old married lady. She hails from Jalandhar, Punjab. Her complexion is fair, body healthy, boobs size is 39 inches and height is 5 feet 3 inches. Sonakshi's husband is a businessman in Kharar who has to go to other cities in connection with his work. Sonakshi's nature was sexy, . She used to have a lot of problem in her husband's absence. Sonakshi's desire for sex was not fulfilling . Sonakshi's husband can not give much time to her due to her focus on business.

after that Sonakshi thought of joining Kharar Call girls . Sonakshi contacted Kharar Call Girls Service 2 months ago and she joined Kharar Call Girls. At this time, Sonakshi is getting a lot of money as well as getting a lot of pleasure of sex. Many of our clients who like to have sex thick ealthy housewife ladies prefer hire to only Sonakshi.

Now look at the right bottom side of the screen or scroll down the page. The green color chat logo will be showing on the screen. You fill in the name, email-id, and message in the empty boxes. When you type the first message, you will have to type "Hi Sonakshi", this is to be done only for the first time, Sonakshi will reply to you within 2 minutes. after 1st reply of Sonakshi you can chat with her normally.

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