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Alisha is a 22 year old girl and is a native of Bangalore. She is an actress by profession. Due to her high expenses, she joined Chandigarh Call Girls last month. Alisha is a very beautiful girl. Look at her for the first time everyone becomes crazy about her. She is blond and eye blue. She likes to have sex in doggy style. Alisha's nature is very romantic and friendly. She is obsessed with dreams of new men all the time.

Now look at the right bottom side of the screen or scroll down the page. The green color chat logo will be showing on the screen. You fill in the name, email-id, and message in the empty boxes. When you type the first message, you will have to type "Hi alisha", this is to be done only for the first time, alisha will reply to you within 2 minutes. after 1st reply of alisha you can chat with her normally.