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Dipali is a 35 year old divorcee lady. Dipali's complexion is fair, boobs size is 36 inches, thick body, and height is 5 feet 4 inches. She also has 2 children. after her divorce, it became difficult for her to raise children Because of which she has joined Kharar Call Girl Service 4 months ago. Before joining Kharar Call Girl Service, she worked as a nurse in a private hospital. But it was becoming difficult from her salary to bear the expenses of the growing children.

Now after joining Kharar Call Girl Service. She is feeling very happy. Now along with her money needs, her sex needs have also started getting fulfilled, . Deepali has sex with every client with utmost loyalty and honesty, which she herself enjoys to the fullest. Every client of Deepali is completely satisfied with her service. Many clients hire her again and again.

Now look at the right bottom side of the screen or scroll down the page. The green color chat logo will be showing on the screen. You fill in the name, email-id, and message in the empty boxes. When you type the first message, you will have to type "Hi Dipali", this is to be done only for the first time, Dipali will reply to you within 2 minutes. after 1st reply of Dipali you can chat with her normally.

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