FAQ-Get answers to your questions before taking the service ​

FAQ- If there is any confusion before you get the service, you can get the solution here. We try our best to give you all the information you want. If you have not found a solution to any of the issues related to services, you can call us. Call us by clicking on the logo, which is located at the bottom of the screen to call us.

1. What can I do to get a call girl service?

You need to get in touch by clicking on the call logo or WhatsApp logo on the lower part of the screen.

2. Can I have the girl of my choice?

Yes, you can find the girl you like, for that you have to send a message to Chandigarh escorts by clicking on the whatsapp logo. After that, you get photos of available girls, then you will return us a photo of the girl which you like. The same girl will  arrive at your place

3.What is the payment process?

When the girl of your choice reaches you, you will pay the fixed amount over the phone with us before serving the girl.

4. I Do Not Know Anyone In Chandigarh, How To Book A Hotel Here?

Don’t Worry, You Should Only Have Your Government Approved ID. If You Are Facing Any Problem In Booking A Hotel, Then You Can Tell Us Your Problem. We Will Provide Complete Guidance And Help To You In Booking The Hotel.

5.Can i talk to the girl before i do service?

Yes, you can chat directly with whatever girl you like on the website. For live chat, you have to click on the girl’s chat link which is given below the photo of each girl.

6. Can I befriend any girl by chatting?

yes, you can be friends with any girl by live chat.

7. Can I take a girl out of Chandigarh for service?

Not every girl of ours goes out of Chandigarh, for this you have to contact the girl through live chat which you choose.