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Hello friends, my name is Rajan. I have been doing business in Chandigarh Escorts for the last few years. A few years ago, when online escort started, some Fraudsters entered into this business. They started cheating girls with customers. Some of the girls in the escort line who were my friends told me about such fraud. Due to the fraud, customers' trust was lost in those who were trading in escorts. All girls were also upset by this deception. I thought of starting a real and disciplined escorts group with these girls. Then we started full payment on delivery. Now We are well known in Chandigarh for providing excellent services to our customers for the past six years. We take special care of all types of discipline. Thousands of customers are associated with us and hundreds of girls have worked with us to date due to our discipline.

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The customer gets the girl of his choice from Chandigarh Escorts very easily. We deal for all types of girls, such as models, air hostesses, college students, housewives and many more types as per customers' requirement. Special attention is paid to the health and fitness of the girl working with us, for which periodic medical check up is done by expert doctor. We only employ cooperative girls with customers. We do not give jobs to tantrums. We pay the girl her fees on time so that the girl does not face any problem.

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The identities of customers and working girls are kept secret by Chandigarh escorts. Due to this privacy policy, no customer or girl associated with us ever faced any social problems. If you are also thinking of getting a good escort service, then contact Chandigarh Escorts. You will not have any problem with our girls and you can enjoy it to the fullest